Bhongir Fort — Hit the Rock- A Huuuugee One

Deccan plateau, a region which makes the central part of India, is place made of rocks. These rocks are no ordinary rocks, experts say they are almost 3 billion years old or may be more. If you travel through the region, you can find some of the most fascinating formations of the rocks. The balancing act which many of these rocks do is just fantastic. There are many rocks, which would look and wonder that they can fall any moment, even push from dozen of elephants will not make any difference.

Most of these structures are in and around Hyderabad, capital of the state of Telangana (the newest state of India). For the uninitiated, the region is also known for diamond trading (another variant of rock, but probably more valuable). One of the world’s largest cut diamond ‘Kohinoor’ come from a place which is very near to Hyderabad.

Coming back to rocks, one such amazing place to explore is Bhongir or Bhuvangiri, which is about 50 kilometre from Hyderabad. The city has one gigantic piece of rock. The size of the rock itself would leave you in awe. This whale shaped or shoe shaped rock, will greet you from far-far away.

As you come near, you would notice, on top of this rock, there is a beautiful 10th century fort, though only ruins left now.
This fort was build by Chaulakya dynasty. This particular dynasty had ruled the central and southern part of India between 6th and 12th centuries. After their departure, the rule of this fort was by Kakatiya Dynasty. Later the fort was used by Qutub shahis as a prison. Inspite of the fact that the place is in shambles and require lots of maintenance, it can still give you a feel of the grandeur.

The 500 feet height of the rock provides decent trekking experience. Climbing up the rocks is interesting, have heard that not very long ago, people use to climb using animals tails, not sure if it is true. Now, you can use the small steps which they have carved on the rock. The adventure seekers can also try rappelling (rock climb), there is a group which does that.

On the way to the fort, you will find a gate, moat, ponds, and pathways which are covered with shrubs and grass. There are points where you can try your adventure spirits. Don’t forget to check out an iron tank. Once you are top, it gives nice view of the city and some more ruins, adding to the whole charm. You can also go to the terrace, there is narrow dark staircase, inside the pillar, which will take you to the top.

Best Time to Go: I think the winter months (October to January) would be the best. During summers this rock would be too hot to handle and going during monsoon would make your trek little slippery.
Even during winters, sun screen, shades, cap, long sleeves would help, as sun can be powerful on those rocks.

How to Reach: It is not that far from Hyderabad so Car or Bike is fine, take the road to Warrangal. Even there are buses, take a one which is again going towards Warrangal.
Another good option is Train (which I took), take MMTS (local train which runs from many parts of Hyderabad) to Secunderabad station, from there are lots of train to Bhongir. Advance booking will help, but going and booking at the counter is also fine. It is just about an hour away, so a seat at general compartment will be fine.
Take a tuk-tuk/auto from the station for a 10 minutes ride to the fort gate.

This place makes a nice half day getaway for people from Hyderabad. If you are looking for more, you can proceed towards Warrangal, another ancient town, which is further 100 kilometre/2 hours away.

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