Diwali and Holi hog the limelight in terms of Indian festivals, probably because of the glitz, colors, and light. The cultural diversity of the country really comes to the fore in the middle of January, when festivities are at their peak around the country.

Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal are celebrated in this period (January 13 to 17th). Each of these festivals has its own cultural significance, history, and most importantly connection with mother nature.

The festivals mark the end of the peak winter cold, the arrival of new crops, and the ensuing prosperity in the land. …

Middle of November 2020, the spotlight was on the US president-elect Joe Biden’s announcement to re-join the Paris Climate agreement barely days after Donald Trump formally pulled out. On 17 November, an emerging Southeast Asian country caught the attention.

Vietnam’s National Assembly passed the revised Law on Environmental Protection legalizing carbon pricing and trading.

About Paris Climate agreement: It is a global pact forged in 2015 among countries of the world to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. …

What a year it was, 2020 will be forever etched in our memories and will be passed on to the next few generations, unless something even more dramatic happens.

While the world started hearing about some disease in some corner of China, no one really bothered in the first couple of months of the year. Then suddenly even before any of us could react, the virus engulfed the world, quite literally.

The jury is still out if the virus was man-made or nature-made, but the 2020 experience is going to shape our behavior at least for the next foreseeable future. …

When someone refers to food-related videos, movies, or any food documentaries — what comes to your mind?

Most likely it will elicit memories of lip-smacking delicacies being prepared by a Gordon Ramsay’s of the world with all the finesse and sprinkling of the salt.

For the TV aficionados, it could be the antics at MasterChef, the famous competitive cooking show.

Or it could be gaping at YouTube or Travel programs that make visiting food joints as their theme - bringing colors & cuisines from across the globe.

Lately, it could also be pausing & playing recipe videos for your lockdown home cooking.

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Only a few can think of shows which bring another side of the story.

Here is a recommendation on Netflix food documentaries, that brings another flavor of the food industry, especially related to animal meat. The ingredients of these Netflix documentaries are global warming, methane gases, land & water waste, and obviously the health aspects of consuming animal meat. …

The laptop is an indispensable tech product for most of us. But here’s the thing. For an environment-conscious person, there is an urge to select the best product in terms of capabilities, performance, quality, durability, and also ensure that it doesn’t harm nature and its resources. Inevitably we have to select a product where we don’t have any control.

If you look at a laptop, there are 5 broad areas that we need to consider from an environmental conservation perspective (as such it is true for most products).

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  1. Transport and Logistics — moving the raw materials to the manufacturing & assembling facilities, taking it back to storage centers & retail stores, delivery to the consumer.
  2. Manufacturing & assembling — electricity consumed while manufacturing & assembling, materials & components used for making the laptop
  3. Packaging — All the materials used to keep the laptop safe, and to get it delivered to the consumer.
  4. Usage — One of the most important aspect, as it is about the energy which is consumed in the day to day usage. …

Paying reverence to plants and trees in India is a common sight, but the most regarded plant is the Tulsi plant. Tulsi or Holy basil is regarded as a very sacred plant in the Hindu belief and has a huge significance in Indian homes.

Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as the avatar of goddess Lakshmi

Tulsi Vivah — The legend behind Marriage of the Tulsi Plant

Tulsi Vivah or Tulsi Marriage is a Hindu festival where a ceremonial marriage of the plant is performed with Lord Vishnu or to his avatar, Lord Krishna.

The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the wedding season as per the Hindu customs. …

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Roads, highways, railways, pipelines help people and commodities move from one place to another. Like veins in the human body moving the blood flow, rail and roads are veins of the country, helping the economic activity of the place.

That’s where the comparison ends, veins in the human body don’t obstruct other body organs.

The man-made paths do. Many times intercrossing with wildlife, and that’s when collisions occur.

Transport infrastructure crisscrosses through the bio-diversity and wildlife ecosystem and when an animal needs to cross the man-made division, they do not have any option other than risk their life on the roads. …

In recent months, the Indian government has made some rapid strides in the science and information technology (IT) sector, especially in the emerging areas of artificial intelligence (AI), Quantum computing, cybersecurity.

Faced with multiple challenges both internally and externally, the Indian think-tank feels IT can make a meaningful difference. Whether it is healthcare, agriculture, education, mobility, climate change, sustainable development — the government hopes a technology-driven future can unlock massive economic potential and propel growth.

In the midst of growing concerns in India and the rest of the world over malicious cyber activities from non-friendly countries, cybersecurity also becomes an extremely important aspect. …

If you are a city dweller who is bogged down in the current lockdown and is craving for a fresh whiff of air. Loitering in the same rooms every day has become a big ordeal. Helplessly sitting at home and unable to visit your favorite open-air coffee shop for the fear of the pandemic.

Here is the solution — You can have your own little slice of nature, by effectively using the balcony in your apartment or your small little terrace.

But doing a makeover of your balcony or terrace might involve a considerable amount of money which many won’t prefer. So, why not use some creative garden ideas that we have listed below and do a complete transformation of the tiny little place of your home to a visual retreat where you can spend some good time and relax. …

Food wastage is rampant in India. A country where millions of people sleep hungry daily while there are thousands who throw away unconsumed food without blinking an eyelid.

According to the CSR Journal, nearly 40% of the food produced in India is wasted. This is a staggering amount of food, equivalent to the food consumed by the United Kingdom. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the estimated cost of the wastage is almost Rs 1 lakh crore annually.

Alarming Statistics

  1. As per the 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report, published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India ranks 100 out of 119 countries — the lower the rank more the number of hungry people in the country. …


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